May 20, 2015

About Us

End2End Consultant is a BPO Migration Company formed in August 2004.

The company has collaboration with over 250 BPO Units spread across 13 countries across the globe, including India, Philippines, United States, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Mauritius, Canada, Costa Rico, Romania and Dominican Republic.

As a part of its strong business model and professional networks in India and other parts of the world, End2End has tie-ups with some major and some upcoming call centers.

The centers are already providing their services for Inbound technical/ Customer Care process (phone and web support), Out Bound Telemarketing campaigns for United States, Australia and United Kingdom, appointment fixing, Leads Generation, Direct Telemarketing, Credit cards sales, Mortgage and Loan Distribution, wireless etc.

It has centers running or implementing COPC, 6 Sigma, BS7799, CMM 5, ISO standards.

The company can assist you in locating a center that can boost your sales through telemarketing.

They can also provide services of Catalogue Distribution, appointment fixing, lead generation, surveys etc.

End2End Consultant is committed to:

Business Migration:

We at End2End are committed to give the best to any company which prefers to work with us.

The first phase is Business Migration wherein we draft a rough model of operation and propose to the End Client.

We amend the model according to the requirements.

Once we finalize on the Model of Operation, we start the Implementation phase.

The primary reason of our success is the fact that we see things from your prospective.

Process Implementation:

In the Implementation phase, we prepare the Tele-marketing script, Quality parameters according to the requirements and according to the Law of the state. We also train the agents and verify their skills before they go live.


Then we outsource the process to the center(s) which meets the requirements of the End Client.

We have our own set of Minimum requirements which most of our centers meet.

It primarily covers the following:

  1. QA Team
  2. Voice and Accent Team
  3. Good Team of Tele-marketing reps.
  4. IPLC lines
  5. Predictive Dialers
  6. Physical and Network security

Quality and Assurance:

We have our own Quality team, which audits each and every order before it is certified as an Approved Sale.

Our Quality Team has people who have more than 2 years of experience in International Call Centers.

The Team calls each and every customer and verifies the order.

They also do a fraud check and duplicate check, thus assuring that only legitimate orders are certified as Approved Sales.


We can easily expand the process depending on the requirements and the scope of the process.

We can add as many seats as required.

At the moment one of our processes is operational at more than 500 seats, generating more than 500 sales everyday.

End2End has successfully placed the following processes in different Call Centers:

  • Pharmaceutical Sales:

US Medicine sales, (US & Canadian) Herbal medicine sales, US Medical cards, US Health Cards, US Medical Insurance

  • Financial Products:

US & Australian Mortgage lead generation, US & Australian Home loan lead generation, US Car loan lead generation, US Debt consolidation, US credit repair.

  • Tele-communication:

US Calling Card, US, UK and Australian Mobile Phone, US, UK and Australian Landline.

  • Computers:

(US & Canadian) PC Sales, Canadian ISP Sales, US T1/T4 sales, US VOIP Sales

  • Website Sales:

US and UK website sales, US Web Boost (Search engine rating Enhancement sales)

  • Concept Selling:

US & Canadian Vacation packages, Canadian Membership clubs

  • Home production:

End2End also has a majority stake in the following US companies:

Crusader Consumer Services based in Glendale CO

Genesis Consumer Services based in Glendale CO

Solomon Consumer Services based in Glendale CO

Debts Free Life based in Glendale CO

XChange Pays based in New York NY

DV Distributing LLC based in Oklahoma City OK

Few Call Centers that we have had a relationship over the last 11 years:


I Call India Limited based in Ahmedabad, BPO unit of Adani Group.

KCS BPO based in Bangalore, BPO Unit of Kirloskar Group.

Trans Genes Pvt Ltd based in Bangalore, BPO Unit of Bhor Industries LTD


Titan Consulting Group based in New Jersey

Consult USA based in New York

Consumer Alliance Group based in Florida


MPSR BPO Services based in Medellin

BPO Global Services based in Medellin


BL BPO Services based in Nova Scotia

Biz Hive Inc based in Toronto

Virtual Solutions Canada based in Ontario

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